Rental Rules for Design City Apartments

General Rules

1.Client can use the apartment only as an accommodation. Client cannot rent it to somebody else. Only people who are registered after the arrival on the registration forms can stay at the apartment.
2. Client must respect social living rules, including silence during night hours from 10 pm to 6 am.
3. Client cannot arrange loud meetings or parties in the apartment.
4. Client can’t pass the apartment keys to anyone. In case of loosing the keys Client must pay the price of replacing the lock.

Hotel Day

In our apartments hotel day starts at 1 pm. and finishes at 11 am next day.

Register Form and Payment

All guests must fill in the registration form. Payment must be made in advance for the whole stay in cash or by money transfer before the arrival. Payment can be done in PLN or Euro.

Rules for apartment use

1. In the apartment there can be a maximum number of people that the apartment is fit for. All people must be registered.
2. You can stay at the apartment with your pets only after having informed Design City and having received the permission.
3. Client must use the apartment according to the general housing rules. Must pay special attention to water taps, gas, and electric appliances. It is client’s obligation to maintain the apartment clean, throw out the rubbish and clean dishes. Design City does not clean the apartments during the rental shorter then one week.

Damage responsibility

Client takes all financial responsibility for all the damages that have occurred in the apartment because of him or his fault and at the same time must inform about any of the damages at once, no matter why that they have occurred. Client must immediately cover the cost of repairs of all damages.

Client’s complaints and Design City’s responsibility

1. All complaints considering the accommodation must be send to Design City During the 48 hours after leaving the apartment to this email address:
2. Design City is going to study the complaint in 14 days time after having received it.
3. Design City is not responsible of any harm done to the client by others during his stay. Does not take responsibility for any belongings of the clients. Client states that he has his own proper travel health insurance and baggage insurance for the time staying in the apartment.
4. Design City does not take any responsibility of any unexpected difficulties or inconveniences that occur during the client’s stay at the apartment. But at the same time promises to give rapid necessary assistance.
5. All Design City financial responsibility in case of the justified complaint is limited by the total payment done by the client for the rental of the apartment. None financial requests can pass this value.